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Surfing 101

Surfing 101

By on Sep 7, 2014 in General, Hailey, Kaatje, Kaelyn, Travel |

Wrapped up our trip to Maine with some surfing lessons. We had been talking about it for weeks- trying to convince Kaelyn to join the fun.  However, after having watched the movie Soul Surfer two years ago, Kaelyn had vowed to never set foot in salt water again.  A few months ago, just as she was beginning to weaken in resolve, daddy showed her the news article in which a mom had taken a picture of her children playing at the beach.  When they got home…she noticed the shark?    Needless to say, this just reaffirmed to Kaelyn that the rest of us were crazy for even thinking about going surfing in the ocean.

In the end, we were able to twist Kaelyn’s arm and it turns out Kaelyn i s a natural.  She got up the very first time and every time afterwards. She grinned fro ear to ear the entire time.

Her sisters were the big inspiration though. They deserve the perseverance award. It was cold and the waves were beating them up badly, but they didn’t give up.  They needed to be dragged from the water 3 hours later when they were turning purple. Everyone wants a surfboard for Christmas. I told them to ask Nana!

Nana…they are about $500 a piece 🙂

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