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Tokyo Day 30 – A couple of updates

Tokyo Day 30 – A couple of updates

By on Mar 2, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan (2018) | 0 comments

Not much happened over the last few days, Kaelyn had castings and I worked. We did take time to go the parks with Tammy after school work was done. We stopped at the local ‘everything’ store. Best way to explain it is that it’s like walmart only smaller. It is 6 floors and carries a huge variety of things. Best part for Tammy is the fish tank at the entrance.

Afterwards Tammy and I grabbed some lunch – she is getting very good at using chop sticks!

We ended the night with a walk to Coco (2.5km one way). Kaelyn took the chance to take over my new vest, sneaky.

At Coco, I decided to give ‘red bean’ a try – I LOVE the pearls but really the beans would add protein to the drink. However, it was a bad choice 😉 Maybe if the tea was cold, but hot by the time we could drink it the beans were breaking apart… ah well, was worth the try.

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