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A Day in Our Life at Disney Fort Wilderness

A Day in Our Life at Disney Fort Wilderness

By on Mar 12, 2017 in General | 1 comment

Since our time at Disney was winding down, we decided to just stay and make the most of our time at the resort.  We had a nice breakfast, grabbed our school books, tennis rackets, and swim equipment and snagged two poolside tables for the day.

We started with some time at the playground for Maria, and then a quick swim.  After that, we were ready for some poolside games.  We played Bingo,Name that tune,several hula hoop games and more.  You can check out some of the videos below.

It is no secret that we are all glamouring for Maria’s attention all the time…the question is…whose attention does Maria crave….

Once we were able to tear Maria away from the recruitment of her new family, they got to play some more hula hoop games…

After the poolside games, Daddy joined us for some pizza poolside and then several rousing games of tennis.  That was followed by more pool time.  Then some quality alone time for Mommy.  Thank you Daddy!

We rounded out the evening with a movie by the campfire.  Surprise surprise…it was actually a Disney movie the girls had not seen (which is amazing since those movies are few and far between.)  The perfect end to the perfect day was firewo

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  1. Looks like the hula hoop workout was fun. The only problem is you guys don’t have big enough hips. Mom and l could probably lend you some. The put your body through the hoop line game looked like fun. Definite advantage Maria. I can’t believe they had a Disney movie you haven’t seen. I bet the fireworks were nice. Have fun!

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