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Amazing Daughter

Amazing Daughter

By on May 29, 2017 in Alberta, General | 1 comment

I have to give Hailey a major shout out – at the top of our hike Maria was very grumpy and not eager to go back down. She was constantly asking the hike up to be carried. On the way down, Hailey stepped up and piggy backed her the WHOLE 2.75km back to the car.

And if that wasn’t enough, when Maria dropped her rock, Hailey bent down (with Maria still on her back) and picked it up. Not one single complaint the whole walk.

Amazing girl.

    1 Comment

  1. Good job hailey! I hope Maria gave you a big kiss for the ride. What I want to know is who carried coco! I think this is a growing up experience for the older two. Way to step up to the plate for mom when she can’t be there. Love the pictures.

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