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An Afternoon on Amelia Island

An Afternoon on Amelia Island

By on Mar 4, 2017 in General | 1 comment

After a relaxing day at Pirate Park, we ended the day- where else…but at the beach.  However, this was not our typical beach adventure.  This one was designed to make all of Hailey’s dreams come true.  Hailey got to go horse back riding.  This was not some typical beginner horse back adventure where all the horses walked in a line.  Hailey got to totally control where on the beach she wanted her horse to go and how fast she wanted to go.  It was a dream come true and idyllic setting for it to happen in.  Poor daddy though- he forgot what a work out it was to ride a horse.  He was pretty sore afterwards.

Maria checking out the horses

Maria was so excited when she got a chance to pet the horse. She giggled with delight.

Hailey setting off for her ride.

Taking in the scenery!


While Daddy and Hailey were horse back riding, the rest of us enjoyed some kite flying.  The wind was amazing and Maria’s excitement with the kite made this the highlight of the trip so far for me.







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  1. I bet that made your whole trip hailey. Loved Maria’s. video. Sorry about your luck dad.

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