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Another good hike – Johnston canyon

Another good hike – Johnston canyon

By on May 30, 2017 in Alberta, Dad | 4 comments

Next time I wouldn’t bring Coco, the walkways are tight and some spots freaked her out as it was over the raging River. Pictures to come. 


  1. Hey Mark & Girls! So glad you made it out to Johnstone Canyon – we went there in February and the boys wanted to recommend you to go there. Sounds like the mountains are treating you well. :-).

    • It was awesome. Alberta is very beautiful. Can’t wait to come back with Kaatje and Michelle. Let us know if there are any other places the boys think we should go. They obviously have great taste. We loved Johnston Canyon!

  2. I knew that fancy watch was going to come in handy sometime.

    • We didn’t use it for the first part of the trip because I thought we left the charger at home but I love seeing the hikes and the stats!

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