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So this morning we had a spicy sort of soup with eggs and noodles. After breakfast was done we got changed into our swimsuits and headed down to the pool to relax before my photoshoot at 2 pm.

Having a nice relaxing morning was great, we got to swim, read and mom even taught me to play euchre. But no fair she always seemed to get to pick trump. (Yes that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.)

At around noon we had lunch, packed up, and mom walked me over to the mall across the street to see me off. The entire morning it was beautiful out, but the minute I have to go somewhere, it starts down pouring, and I mean full on thunderstorm – good thing I had an umbrella.

The cab ride was about 20 minutes and cost about 10 dollars. I arrived and found the building quite easily, (probably due to moms excessive planning) and was in fact a half and hour early.

I walked into the studio ten minutes early and wow, what the studio. It was massive and had a long island counter top and beautiful white cupboards. The set itself was a plain white back drop, as all the images will be in black and white. Now I can’t say anything more until the magazine comes out in July, but let me just say it was quite the look!

There will be ten pages in this magazine that I and two other models will cover. It’s was nice to get to know some other models working in Singapore.

The photoshoot lasted about four hours, and when I was done I took the very crowed bus home, which was about a 30 minute ride, and walked home. It was still down pouring outside.

Arriving in the room I was shivering for the first time ever in Singapore, but mom knew me too well.He told me to have a nice warm shower, and then told me to get into bed and watched Harry Potter.  She had also bought us seaweed chips and chicken ruffle chips to celebrate.  She said we had to try them at least once or we would regret it. . I’m very surprised to be saying this but they were actually really good! So we’re the chicken ruffles we tried! 

Anyways, it was a good end to a good day, and honestly, Harry Potter is the best way to end any day!


  1. Glad to hear you got braves enough to try the funky chips. Glad your shoot went great and I am sure there will be many more. Enjoy your weekend. Love you.

  2. Kaatje your two pictures were beautiful. Looks like that dress must have been see through. Nice jacket though.

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