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Breakfast in Singapore

Breakfast in Singapore

By on Jun 12, 2017 in General | 1 comment

Not much to report these days.  We had a full week last week which meant not many castings…so this week is casting week.  It also marks the half way point so we need to leave the country on Friday.  We are heading to a resort in Indonesia for 1 day and then heading straight back.  Turns out we are actually heading to our maid Umi’s home town.  Wish we could bring her with us.  She only gets to see her husband and children for one month every other year.

Speaking of Umi, I thought I would give a you a glimpse of the the wonderful breakfasts she has been making us.  It has been a big adjustment for both of us.  But Umi has figured out we don’t like fish balls…and she replaces them with chicken balls.  Kaatje still detests them but she will eat them.  Kaatje is really craving Rice Krispies right now.

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  1. I think that I would starve over there. Good luck on your one day trip. Hope you have an easy time at the border. Loved the picture kaelyn posted from the family reunion. I think the rest of your family is happy to be home. Hailey is here today helping papa do his mulch.

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