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Day 12 – Johnston Canyon

Day 12 – Johnston Canyon

By on May 30, 2017 in Alberta | 1 comment

Me again, Kaelyn is still busy. Same routine, I worked and then we hiked.

Today was Johnston Canyon, so far the easiest hike, with a very easy path (in fact a few energetic dads were pushing babies in strollers, even carrying them up some pretty steep steps).

Start of the trail – Maria saying THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN MAKE ME LOOK AND SMILE

On the hike

Lower Falls – there was a cool cave you could walk through and get really refreshed (watch the video or last picture from above)







Upper Falls – About 1km from the Lower Falls


More random pictures


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  1. Maria was certainly showing some attitude in your first picture. Your pictures are amazing. Looks like this was a good day.

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