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Day 16 – Grassi Lake

Day 16 – Grassi Lake

By on Jun 3, 2017 in Alberta | 2 comments

Being a weekend it was VERY busy (I was hoping not but I was wrong). Parking was very hard to find, we had to park about 1/2km from the trail head. Not bad since it was downhill but let me tell you the hike back was BRUTAL back to the car.

This trail has 2 paths, 1 called ‘easy’ up the service road, a second through the forest that is more difficult. We opted for forest. It wasn’t really to bad, it gave you a great view of Canmore and the falls. But the last 500ft were HARD. Almost straight up – and I was shocked Coco (and Maria) made it. It was the most challenging hike yet.



The 2 lakes (Grassi Lakes) are crystal clear and a nice green blue. If it wasn’t for the 1C temperature, Kaelyn and I would certainly have swam. And the temperature didn’t stop Coco.


  1. Beautiful pictures. That must have been worth the hard climb. You couldn’t pay me to stand on that ledge. You must have made cocos day, letting her go for a swim. Good for Maria and coco for making the hard climb. Drive safe.

  2. The colour in that lake is amazing!! I can’t believe CoCo went it!

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