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Day 17 – Dinosaur Provincial Park

Day 17 – Dinosaur Provincial Park

By on Jun 4, 2017 in Alberta | 0 comments

We left Banff around 11am and speed for groceries in Calgary for the drive home. 5 days vs 4 as we did here. We opted to head back early and cut Jasper out of the visit. I think we exhausted hiking this trip.

When we arrived around 5 and opened the windows or read SO your. It felt like the sun. You can see why they call it the badlands. But it is full of life you can see right away. Even scorpions (not that we saw any but they do have warnings).

We setup and did a quick expedition on the driving route to look at some real fossils. Will post pictures tomorrow. A late thunderstorm rolled in and off to bed we went.


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