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Day 22 – Disney Shanghai

Day 22 – Disney Shanghai

By on Sep 24, 2017 in Shanghai, China (2017) | 0 comments

Today we woke to lots of rain and Kaatje on standby for a casting and Kaelyn off. Because Kaatje was on standby, she had to stay around the apartment all day. Unfortunately, she wasn’t feeling well, so she went back to sleep the day away to get better.

Kaelyn really wanted  to venture to Disney Shaghai, specifically Disneytown (their equivalent of Downtown Disney). We left around 11AM and the taxi ride was 45 minutes at a cost of $20. We were dropped off in the taxi section and were surprised, had to ask for directions as there were no real signs.

As we rounded the corner we could see a map showing us the layout of the park and then the signs pointing us the right way. The park is nicely landscaped as you would expect for Disney and the very first thing you come to is the World of Disney store. We took a look around and walked outside. The streets and stores looked like a traditional village and names you would expect like Lego, Adidas, Sephora and Pandora.

There were several restaurants that catered mostly to Chinese but the one mommy told us to go to was Cheesecake Factory. It was the only American brand other than Starbucks. The restaurant looked exactly like the past ones we went to in USA, with the menu was just as large. We had to wait 10 minutes for a seat. Once we got our seat, we ordered the Factory Burrito Grande – this is moms choice when we go. I noticed my favorite, Steak Diane was there too, but at a hefty price of $70 (I believe it’s around $25 in USA). They provided the traditional warm bread and Kaelyn was so happy, LOTS of ice in the coke glass. When the burrito arrived, it tasted exactly like home. We could only half of it and had the rest boxed up. We then ordered a Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake to bring home for Kaatje. The total cost was 300RMB ($54CAD). We then walked around again and walked to the entrance area of the park. We tried to get a picture of the castle but there was no real good location.

On the way out, we stopped at the figurine store and saw some interesting Marvel dolls. Stan Lee too 🙂  We went to get a picture at one of the Halloween booths when a young couple asked us to take a picture. We thought they wanted Kaelyn to take the picture of them, but the girl wanted a picture WITH Kaelyn (picture below).

We left around 2PM – It was a great distraction from such a busy few weeks.

Lots of pictures and videos below.

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