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Day 22 – Walmart in Shanghai

Day 22 – Walmart in Shanghai

By on Sep 24, 2017 in Shanghai, China (2017) | 0 comments

I visit the grocery store across the street for things like bananas and water and sometimes milk (if it doesn’t expire in 1 day). But we’ve been here long enough that the girls needed a few more things like shampoo. The problem is, it’s expensive there (45RMB=$8.50CAD) for a small single bottle. We buy both bottles for that price at our Walmart back home. So on the way back from Disneyland, we took a detour.

The main floor is a set of stores, restaurants and such meaning the entrance requires you to go up to level 2. Once there, it’s pretty similar as to what you see at home. The 2 pack of shampoo was 6RMB ($6.75CAD) which confirmed we made the right choice coming. We pick up some shoes and socks for the girls and hand soap. We head to the 3rd floor, the food section hoping to find popcorn (for pizza and movie night). Here they had a huge seafood section (with live turtles) and open ‘pick your own’ chicken bins.

We never found the popcorn but we did find peanut butter. Since we were taking a taxi home, we didn’t want to bring too much and headed to the cash register. Oddly, my mastercard didn’t work here either (it did not work at World of Disney but did work at H&M, Sephora and Cheesecake Factory – not sure the reasoning there).

We grabbed a taxi home and brought Kaatje her cheesecake and headed back to my apartment for a movie.


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