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Day 24 – Back To LA – Universal City Walk

Day 24 – Back To LA – Universal City Walk

By on Mar 15, 2015 in California | 0 comments

We were all sad to leave San Diego and it was evident from the tension in the air the moment we woke up.  The typical excitement about what the day would hold was absent.   Today was a traveling day.  We were returning to LA so that we could help Uncle Ryan move tomorrow.  While we were all excited to see Uncel Ryan again, there was no more surfing, tide pool exploring, or sailing.

To make matters worse, mommy decided to allow maria to practice feeding herself her morning yogurt.  As soon as mommy turned her back, Maria promptly decided to give herself a yogurt facial.  All this California sun must have been drying out her delicate baby skin.  Daddy who had been slaving over breakfast and desperately trying to get camp packed up was not amused and his frustration with  mommy sent all the kids running to clean up their messes.  They all knew they did not want to be on the receiving end of that wrath.

The upside of all that tension was that we were all relieved to finally get on the road again 🙂

After we settled back in at Orangeland, we decided to start the day fresh and we all piled in the car to head back to Hollywood and enjoy some time at Universal Citywalk.  With a slogan like- unexpected excitement, we were interested to see how it differed from Downtown Disney. It was very similar- live music, movies, clubs, great food, several unique stores- always something new to discover.

It also had a state-of-the-art concert venue, jaw-dropping explosion of over 5,000 LED lights and a sound system that gave the girls permission to yell all evening long.  They were in heaven.  No need to be quiet.  No one could hear them.  Which was good since they were all hyped up on sugar from the Cinnebuns Daddy bought everyone.

The little girls loved running through the mine field of water jets.  It is a thrill to tempt fate.  Only Tammy cam out soaked.  Everyone else escaped relatively unscathed.

We explored some shops


Mocked Daddy for being so grumpy this morning.



And found a Grammy for “Best Nana.”  The girls really wanted to buy it but we convinced them Nana would probably prefer a picture of them presenting the award to her.  Kaatje was also convinced that we should purchase the best daughter/ best sister awards for her.  She reluctantly left the store empty handed.  Fortunately for her ego…so did her sisters.


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