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Day 25 – The Big Move

Day 25 – The Big Move

By on Mar 16, 2015 in General | 0 comments

Today was Uncle Ryan’s big move.  We arrived at the condo in Ontario California at 11am and helped Ryan pack his boxes and UHaul.  The girls were sad to learn that Jessica had to work and wouldn’t be there.

The amount of belongings didn’t look too daunting when we were there the other day, but he has a lot more stuff than it looks like 🙂  By 2pm we were on the road to his new place about an hour away.  Once the truck was unloaded, we headed out to pick up the fridge Ryan had purcahsed.  We managed to load it on the truck no problem.  Mainly because the person he bought it from owned an appliance dolly and a fork lift…but getting it off the truck was another matter entirely.  After exploring every possible crazy option, we managed to convince the boys that renting the dolly from Home Depot was the only way.  Of course the Home Depot by Ryan didn’t rent equipment.  The U Haul place was already closed since it was now after 7pm and we ended up having to drive back to Anaheim to rent a Dolly.

No need to fret though, by 9pm, the dolly was returned to Home Depot, the fridge was in its place in the kitchen and all was right in the world again!


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