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Day 26 – Date Night

Day 26 – Date Night

By on Mar 17, 2015 in California | 0 comments

After weeks of attempting to convince me, I finally agreed to leave the girls in charge and out for a night on the town with Daddy.  I had almost agreed several times before but then some near death experience for one child or another always caused me to back peddle. The conditions:

1.  Only after the little girls were in bed and asleep

2. The little girls could not know.

3. Regular updates

4. If any girls woke up, they would call us immediately

5. We couldn’t     ‘ go more than 10 minutes away.

Don’t tell the girls, but I have to admit, it was really nice to have Daddy all to myself again.

For a while though, it looked like this night was just not suppose to happen.  First the near death experiences, then the restaurant we choose only had parking at the local parking garage.  Surprise surprise, the van was too big to fit.  The waitress was shocked when she asked for our parking voucher to validate it and we said we didn’t fit int he garage.  She couldn’t help but ask what we drove.  Mark’s response…”a bus!”  When we did finally find street parking several blocks away, the line at the restaurant was out the door.  Mark want to turn awy but I convinced him to stay that time.  Surprisingly, we were seated in less than 5 minutes.

Sad to say, we spent our pre-dinner time bantering with the girls, our dinner time talking about the girls, and our after dinner time heading back to Downtown Disney to buy them ridiculously overpriced swimsuits and cover-ups…because we love them.  They are great kids and they never complain about only owning second hand clothing…except for what Nana buys them of course!! She has a healthier budget than we do!

They were so thrilled when we got home that they couldn’t wait to wake up the next day and model it.  Not sure if they have a future in modelling though.   What are your thoughts?


I am happy to say that we were able to forget about the kids for about 15 minutes.  When we arrived at Downtown Disney, it was just in time for the nightly fireworks display.  We cuddled up under the tree and for 15 minutes everyone and everything else in the world disappeared.

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