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Day 26 – Downtown Disney

Day 26 – Downtown Disney

By on Mar 17, 2015 in California, General | 0 comments

After all their hard work and patience yesterday we decided we should reward the girls. So naturally, we headed to Downtown Disney.

We started the adventure looking in an art gallery for Kaatje and then building cars to race at the Lego store.  I am proud to report that Sam came in first, Tammy in second, and there were other kids racing.  They were so proud!  Riding high on the thrill of our family lego car victory, we headed to Ridemakers.

Daddy has been wanting to get the girls remote control cars for years.  During our last visit to Downtown Disney, we stumbled across a store where you pick all the pieces and build your own car.  It is like Build-a-bear but for race cars.

The girls were in awe during our first visit – the staff said they were the best behaved children they had seen in a long time and they let the girls drive almost every car in the store.  They were equally as enchanted with the girls this time and they even gave daddy the annual passholders discount off our purchase.  Of course, that might have also been because we spent so much 🙂  We needed the monster trucks feature, the remote control, etc…

After Ridemakers, we headed to Quicksilver to dream.  The older girls fell in love with ridiculously overpriced swimsuits and dresses and learned the meaning of the term window shopping.  I was so impressed that they left the store with so much as a sigh.  From the conversations, it was clear that they truly had an understanding and appreciation for the value of money and Talise!




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