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It was a long day for the girls, they got back at 7PM to their apartment and walked to mine. It was Kaatje’s first visit to see how I will be living. We had to talk a bit, eating some yummy bananas – it was a stressful day with the taxi’s and finding out where to go. Very proud of them, they did great (I know Kaatje you didn’t feel like it, but it was SO hot all day at 36C with 95% humidity and the jet lag and lack of food).

More importantly, they were hungry. By the time we left though it was close to 8:30, so we went to the super market I went to grab water and apples for them to take tomorrow. We bought a few things like bread and jam, and crackers to take. And a few of my bananas and yogurt for breakfast. We then walked to the mall to see about dinner.

It all smelled amazing, but as most shops were closing for 10, they had limited supplies. And it wasn’t very clear to us how to order. So we bought some croissants and I took home some half priced (because it was end of day) sushi.

Time for Tuesday meeting at the Nerds Office at 11PM-12AM 🙂

Girls are home safe and hopefully, sleeping.

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