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Our train back left later in the morning (on purpose, I wanted to get more sleep). We were up at 7am and went for breakfast. Originally I had thought maybe we would walk to the station (it’s not too far, a couple of blocks and over a bridge) but opted to have the hotel call a taxi. In the end it was the right choice since there was no way we could have seen to walk into the station. It only cost us 14RMB ($2.50CAD) too.

We had no issue getting our tickets and had about 90 minutes to spare. We grabbed a drink and waited for the train.

The ride back was uneventful, other than this time we were in 2nd class (cheaper tickets than the way to Beijing). It did mean we all sat together and no water/treats. When we got back Shanghai around 3:45pm, we took a taxi back to the girls apartment as Kaelyn had a casting at 7pm.

We went to bed early as Kaatje had a job the next day.

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