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Day 35 – Back to Walmart

Day 35 – Back to Walmart

By on Oct 7, 2017 in Shanghai, China (2017) | 0 comments

Kaatje had a catalog shoot, so Kaelyn and I had the day together. Time to do a little shopping and lets face it, Walmart means lower priced goods, and we needed to pickup some stuff

  • shampoo for the girls
  • cereal and related breakfast items (going to try scrambled eggs sandwiches in the apartment)
  • I wanted to get them a battery pack to charge their phone for those heart attack times they leave the city and tell me they have 5% battery left

Was a pretty easy and we got all we needed (realized when we got home we forgot playing cards). But did find some interesting things there:

  • Walmart flyer, which looks a lot like ours
  • Cavendish fries, all the way from Canada (works out to $6CAD for that bag)
  • microwave popcorn, which we’ve been wanting but note the flavor, ‘sweet’. They also had ‘orange sweet’ too

That night, Kaatje got home late and went to bed early. Kaelyn and I watched (well, tried, internet wasn’t that good) Star Trek The Motion Picture and tried the popcorn. Lets just say we didn’t each much of it.


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