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Day 36 – More Exploring in Shanghai

Day 36 – More Exploring in Shanghai

By on Oct 8, 2017 in Shanghai, China (2017) | 2 comments

Kaatje had a photo shoot today so Kaelyn and I had a slow morning and a day of exploring. I found a new mall about 5 blocks away called IAPM. On the walk, I found a gas station (there aren’t many around here) and noticed the price per litre, $1.42CAD

When we arrived at the mall, it’s certainly the fanciest one we’ve seen yet. 2 level apple store. And an upscale grocery store in the basement which had Alberta beef! They also had live crabs, so in the picture those crabs are alive ready to be taken home.

And what’s a fancy upscale mall without a futuristic self-playing piano!

There are certainly some amazing looking buildings around here with a french flare (we are surrounded by the french concession)


  1. Beautiful mall. Those three buildings look like a nice place to live.

    • They are – many are restaurants on the bottom floor and living above. So many people come to take pictures standing beside them.

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