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Day 38 – Back to Yu Gardens with Kaatje

Day 38 – Back to Yu Gardens with Kaatje

By on Oct 10, 2017 in Shanghai, China (2017) | 2 comments

Kaelyn had a job all day and Kaatje was done a little early (4pm) so we decided to head out before her week of craziness.

We first walked to the IAMP mall since it was just Kaelyn and I who went on the weekend and she promptly told me how it looks EXACTLY like the malls in Singapore.

We then hoped in a taxi to see if we could get into the actual gardens at Yu Gardens but it was dark by the time we arrived and closed. However, it was SO much nicer to visit with 1/10th of the people and all the buildings lite up. And we tried some deep fried crab and Kaatje ‘tried’ to get some ice cream 😉


  1. The buildings are beautiful when they’re all lit up. I don’t know about the food your eating though.

    • What? Come on Nana, you wouldn’t give it a try? Rule is at least 1 bite!

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