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Day 4 – Dinner and waiting for the girls

Day 4 – Dinner and waiting for the girls

By on Sep 6, 2017 in Shanghai, China (2017) | 4 comments

Might as well post now I’m sure once we get into the swing of things we won’t have much to post as the girls will be busy.

At City Shop I picked up some bread (but they had no jam or peanut butter) but figured it would give me some bulk for the morning meal. Dinner is some fried rice and mooncakes. Freshly made and still hot, filled with what tasted like some kind of meat. I enjoyed it, will see what the girls think. They should be done soon from what Kaatje told me.

I should mention too you need to drink bottled water, due to the old pipes that service most of China. Other liquids like juice are very expensive – I say OJ costing about $15 for a small bottle. City Shop did have milk and cereal, maybe a treat for Kaatje once she lands that car show 😉


  1. Good thing dads there to take good care of the girls. It sounds like dad might be enjoying himself to.

    • It was good to find some food we are used to. The pastry was good and filling, I spread them out over a few days.

  2. We miss your homemade cooking. It is starting to get cool outside. We are all craving your fresh baked, still warm bread.

    • Mmm, bread – we aren’t having much of that here. Especially fresh and hot. Can’t wait to make it.

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