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So after that power breakfast, at 9AM all craziness broke loose for the girls. They missed the bus because the assistant did not message them the bus was there until they (ie. the bus) was leaving. This created panic as the girls had to try and hail a taxi which wasn’t easy at rush hour. Around 9:30 I caught up with them to hear that the agency had sent a taxi to pick them up. The taxi arrived and I watched them drive away as I walked back to my place.

That wasn’t the end – the taxi driver had no idea where to take them! Kaatje was showing him the address on her phone and even called the agency on the phone to speak with the driver. Finally he just pulled over and the girls got out. Thankfully they flagged down a new taxi and got back to the agency and regrouped with them.

Long story short, the assistant was supposed to walk the girls down and no one was upset with them. They managed a casting and came back to their appartment and now they are off on a few more casting. Kaatje is in higher spirits, she met up with 2 girls in the next apartment building from London (PASS THE BUT-ER). They are totally sympathetic and have offered to help them out. And Kaatje has confirmed a job Friday and tomorrow is a casting for a car show which could earn her a lot of money (more than any past job) they say.

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  1. By the time the girls come home they won’t be dads little girls anymore.. they will be growing up quickly dad. Papa is doing great he came out of surgery and hasn’t had even one pain pill. The only trouble is trying to make him take it easy.

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