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Day 4 – Visit to the mall

Day 4 – Visit to the mall

By on Sep 6, 2017 in Shanghai, China (2017) | 6 comments

I worked and took the afternoon to try and watch an episode of Enterprise but the internet was not letting me have that. 3hrs later I’m still not done.

I took that as a sign to explore the mall, find out where the Pizza Hut is (as Kaatje says, “find us some American food”). I did not find it as the mall was huge but did visit City Shop, a fancyish grocery store. Nice thing was a lot of english on the products. I managed to pickup dinner (next post) but they did have Cool Ranch Doritos for Kaelyn on pizza and movie night. And chicken for Kaatje, she will be so excited – price is about $7.60CAD for that chicken, pretty close to the price we pay in Canada.

Then the live fish section

And pre-packaged foods, like marinated chicken legs. Think I can get the girls to try that?



  1. It sounds like your right in your element mark. The chicken looked good.

    • And we still haven’t tried it yet. We will do that this week. It does smell good.
      We tried roasted duck before chicken 😉

  2. You are suppose to be supporting them, not traumatizing them with marinated chicken feet.

    • I was only showing them what the locals eat. I’m not going to make them try it.
      They do have chicken legs on a stick at the local C-Store’s (7-11 type stores).

  3. chicken feet… they are delicious! but not sure If I would try those in China… I’ve seen too many videos of odd food from China.

    • Have you really? We haven’t taken that jump yet. Kaatje ate them by mistake. They do have squid-ka-bobs we may try.

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