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Day 41 – Friday the 13th!!

Day 41 – Friday the 13th!!

By on Oct 13, 2017 in Shanghai, China (2017) | 0 comments

So a little back story – the shoot Kaelyn did for Budweiser made me desperately want to find one of those cans. They told her Family Mart or 7-11. Well, there are like 10 Family Marts around me, so no problem – but no go. We tried both malls that had specialty beer and 2 ‘beer’ type stores. I was really determined to give up.

But tonight on a walk we found a 7-11 and sure enough they were there. So we grabbed 2 and brought them to the cashier. She tried scanning and nothing. Both cashiers were puzzled, walked to the back and came back and tried to explain to us in Chinese. Long story short, they aren’t for sale. They are promotional cans IF you buy 3 large Budweiser cans. So 60RMB ($11.35CAD) later we had our 2 cans.

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