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Day 41 – Mornings

Day 41 – Mornings

By on Oct 13, 2017 in Shanghai, China (2017) | 2 comments

It’s hard when half your family is exactly 12hrs behind. You want to stay up as late as possible so you can chat with them during the day. We do miss them terribly. On the other side of the day, most mornings go like this

  • wake up at 7am so I can chat with Maria before bed
  • Talk to Tammy, Sam and Cierra
  • Talk to Mom/Hailey
  • Mom/Hailey spend time together
  • Talk to mom

On my side, I’ve started to get creative with breakfast in the little kitchen, and here is today’s start. Scrambled eggs on a bun with cheese (which cost like $6 for 6 slices) and salsa. And a warm bottle of tea. MMmmm


  1. That looks good! How do you like cooking got one instead of nine?

    • Well, I don’t cook much at all really. This is about all I do since the kitchen is small and honestly, you can get a reasonable hot meal starting @ $3 really no point buying the fresh food, storing it and then cooking it.

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