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Day 42 – Day With Kaelyn

Day 42 – Day With Kaelyn

By on Oct 14, 2017 in Shanghai, China (2017) | 0 comments

Kaelyn had no castings or jobs today so she and I hung out. Around 11am Kaatje called and said she had a 2hr break and wanted to meet up and have lunch – some of that yummy Pho Soup. She walked back to meet us at my apartment and off we went to the restaurant by the SML Center.

We had a lovely slow lunch and walked her back to her show. It was a fairly long walk actually, twice the distance to ESEE. Off she goes!

At that point I thought we were ‘close’ to Yu Gardens and convinced Kaelyn to walk there. Well… it was a little longer than we thought, but good exercise in the end – 15km from lunch to the show to the gardens.

On the way though, we saw the girls future car (and a yellow one for Maria):

Being a weekend, it was a little busier than when Kaatje and I went. But not unreasonable like National Week. We took the chance to see the actual gardens, which was closed last time we went for darkness. It was nice, but not what I expected. It was some small ponds and rock formations – but very much the same rock formations, etc. It was nice, but not something I’d need to pay 40RMB ($7.50CAD) again. But will, for Kaatje to see.

We then took a taxi home and enjoyed a lazy afternoon and then went to dinner.

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