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Day 49 – Another Fun Day with Kaatje

Day 49 – Another Fun Day with Kaatje

By on Oct 21, 2017 in Shanghai, China (2017) | 2 comments

Kaatje had an early show which meant I got to spend the afternoon/evening with her.

I had a surprise waiting for her – I found the ‘pumpkin pies’ at City Shop. 2 small pastries for 16RMB. I think she misses Papa’s pies 😉
I told her no peeking to start.

During the day , we went for a short walk to a market down the road. Pretty much all westerners there. Kaatje thought this looked EXACTLY liked something mom would like to visit.

We then did the weekly pizza and movie (Baker’s pizza and Passengers for the movie). No chips or popcorn – trying to be super healthy.


  1. Love all this insite into prepared meals. Prices seem very reasonable. Mom and dad enjoy preparing foods that you like so I expect they enjoy the lessons on all these yummy things.
    Thank God the girls don’t have my metabolism.

    • There is a lot of good places to eat. The local food is very cheap, $2 a meal. It’s only the western style food that costs.

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