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The girls finished up around 7PM and msg’d that Kaatje had a job in Nan Jing, about 300km away. She would have to get a taxi at 5AM and get on the 6:12AM high speed train. Needless to say there was some tense moments here and decided it was best if I also came along to ensure no issues (lets face it not many emails coming in at 8PM-2AM local time). I booked my ticket for $30 on pretty easily.

The 3 of us then walked to the mall to show them the international food store. The smell of bakery gave the girls a good smile, but we didn’t have long as Kaatje needed to get to sleep ASAP. We grabbed a few pre-made dishes and sushi and the girls headed back to their place and I got back for my 9PM (normal 9AM) meeting.

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