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Day 5 – Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village (Sedona, AZ)

Day 5 – Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village (Sedona, AZ)

By on Feb 24, 2015 in California | 0 comments

Dad had to start the morning at 6AM local time at the McDonald’s as the internet is so bad at the camground, and cell phone doesn’t work.

After lunch we embarked on Kaatje’s most desired location. It was snowing very hard up to Flagstaff and I kept thinking how disappointed she would be with all the cold and snow. We took 89A south and came to a clear WARNING sign on the upcoming hill. And what a hill. We ended up going down 2000ft and beautiful red rock mountains.

IMG_1847 IMG_1862_fhdr

As we drove the 20km in the hills, we saw many cottages and resorts. When we arrived in Sedona we were pleasantly surprised, it was SO nice and sunny/warm. We saw people in shorts. We had a great 2hrs looking around and made some top secret purchases.

We left and headed back to Flagstaff to a mexican restaurant Michelle found featured on a the food network, Salsa Brava. Very yummy. A quick jump to Walmart for groceries and we tried to find a new cell plan, but no luck.

Back to the trailer and off to bed.

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