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Day 54 – I Took the Subway

Day 54 – I Took the Subway

By on Oct 26, 2017 in Shanghai, China (2017) | 0 comments

When we got here, many people warned us to avoid the subway (metro). It was too hard, too busy, not user friendly. I avoided it but we tried to get a taxi to The Bund last night and realized it was going to take us an hour in rush hour. We hopped out and walked to the station. Super simple and cost us only 9RMB (a taxi would likely have cost 25RMB).

The give you a ticket that you scan to enter. In the subway each stop is labelled, so you just need to remember which ones you’re going too. I don’t see why everyone said to avoid it. It is so easy to use and way cheaper. When we go back to Downtown Disney (to see if Kaatje’s pictures are up), we are certainly going to take it.

The final picture there – a promo for the new THOR movie in the train station, it was massively huge.

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