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Day 56 – Local Shanghai Lunch

Day 56 – Local Shanghai Lunch

By on Oct 28, 2017 in Shanghai, China (2017) | 0 comments

Heather put us in touch with a co-worker at Agriculture Canada Steve at the start of our trip. Steve is from China and was going to help us get familiar with local culture and what to expect and do.

Unfortunately, our paths didn’t cross and we didn’t get a chance to meet. But then 2 nights ago he called and asked if we wanted to do lunch. You bet!

The only problem on my side, both girls were out working. Thankfully Jay was here and was eager to have a true Shanghai meal as much as me. Steve did not disappoint. We took a few subways and met up for a 2.5hr meal. We learned about Steve and his wife. He was an amazing host.

You can see from the meal, we were we fed – honestly the most I’ve eaten since we arrived.

In the first picture, we have chicken, fried fish and ear wood fungus. Don’t forget the local beer!

Then came the bbq pork and shrimp. And finally a hot pot of tofu, shrimps and vegetables in a hearty sauce, more fish and some vegetable we don’t have in Canada, that tastes very close to spinach.

I didn’t get a picture but they treated us to desert too. It was so, we didn’t need dinner. All of it was very good and tasty – a 10 out of 10.

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