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Day 59 – At the Bund

Day 59 – At the Bund

By on Oct 31, 2017 in Shanghai, China (2017) | 2 comments

Kaatje had a large gap between castings so we decided to head down to the Bund (the waterfront in Shanghai). We were going to look for her ad, which is the next post.

On the walk there, I noticed a building under construction. Look at how high they built the structure with bamboo so they can work on it. Amazing.

The fun part was everyone taking her picture, specifically this gentlemen who immediately took out a book to ask us where we lived. He had a book of about 100 pages with every country listed – so he went to the world map page and I pointed and said ‘Canada’. He then went to the index to find where in the book Canada is shown. I could tell, even in Chinese the section because there are just a few countries in North America. He seemed very impressed 😉

He jumped to page 81-82 and I pointed. To keep it simple, I said ‘London’. He then repeated it and checked it off. So he must be taking pictures of people around the world. Kaatje is his reference for ALL of Canada 😉


  1. It really does look like a beautiful city. All he buildings look fabulous.
    The sky is definitely a very pretty shade of blue.

    • It was a great sunny day for sure!

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