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Day 7 – Drive to Lethbridge

Day 7 – Drive to Lethbridge

By on May 24, 2017 in Alberta | 1 comment

Waking up this morning was scary as we woke up to horrible winds, 50km/h and higher (we heard up to 100km/hr). The whole trailer was shaking. It felt like we were in the hurricane.

We started getting the trailer packed up around 9:00AM.

When driving I could feel the car being pushed because of the wind. As we drove farther we all said our good byes to the mountains, and our hellos to Lethbridge.

It was still windy here, but not as bad as earlier. Before going to the campground we stopped to get some groceries.

When we passed through Lethbridge we saw the High Level Bridge. It is a massive bridge built in 1907 for trains that is still used to this day. The campground was just 1KM away.

We arrived, ate lunch and dad was off to meet his fellow nerds.

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  1. Boy it must be real windy everywhere! It is finally starting to warm up a little bit here. Tell dad to drive safe. Miss you guys but l think you better post lots of pictures of you guys because I think the other two are really missing everyone!

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