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Day 7 – Pizza and movie night

Day 7 – Pizza and movie night

By on Sep 9, 2017 in Shanghai, China (2017) | 2 comments

Yes it’s normally a Friday tradition but the girls had to work late and today they finished early. The girls wrapped up around 4PM and grab some of their stuff to take a shower at my place. Not only is the shower too small for Kaatje (it comes out at arm level) there was almost no hot water. Of course they managed to make mine their own within minutes, makeup everywhere and water all on the ground 😉

Once the girls had a chance to freshen up, we walked back to the mall to try and find the elusive “Pizza Hut” (read this post on the SML Center for more details)

After a good 20 minute search I recalled seeing a sign on the outside for another pizza place. The mall was SO busy compared to normal it was unbelievable.  Every restaurant was packed and had waiting lines of 20+ people.

We finally found ‘Bakers Pizza’ serving Italian food (with a China twist of course – meaning pizza with fruit or seafood). In the end, it was a great break and treat from a VERY emotional week of ups and downs getting settled to solving taxi issues. I think they’ve almost mastered it now though.  On the menu:

  • You start off with room temperature water, nothing is cold with ice
  • I had a lemon ice tea WITH ice (so good)
  • Kaelyn had a berry/dragon fruit smoothie
  • Kaatje had a mango smoothie (weird eh, since it’s Kaelyn’s fav food)
  • We ordered a sample of fries, 3 chicken wings that were DRY, and fish bites
  • Chicken and tomato pizza
  • Total cost about ~$41CAD


  1. Looks yummy. I am sure you will be going back lots since they sell dry wings- your favourite.

    • You know it! Mmmm dry wings with no sauce all licked off (cough cough).

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