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Day 8 – Weekly recap

Day 8 – Weekly recap

By on Sep 10, 2017 in Shanghai, China (2017) | 0 comments

Not much happening today as Kaatje had an F1 show to model at (not really sure what this is but Radek @ ESEE was excited Kaatje got it) and Kaelyn has a test photo shoot. I did have the pleasure of Kaelyn dropping by for breakfast at 7AM. Oatmeal with some blueberry jam, reading books to Maria and a chat with mom started the morning. Then part of the goosebumps movie (not that bad actually) and she was off. Kaatje has a surprise waiting at her apartment, corn flakes and roasted almond granola bars.

Figured this was a good time to showcase some sights around Shanghai in the last week we’ve come across.

It is hot and humid here – today is the first day we’ve seen blue skies (it’s been cloudy with light rain or hazy every day). 35C with 85% humidity each day means the 8 minute walk between my place and the girls leaves me literally dripping.

First let me start off by saying I’m not good at taking selfie’s. I feel old, the kids are pros at it so excuse the odd grin and off brightness. Anyways, here is me, day 7 with my first Coke. All I’ve had to drink the whole week has been water since we left the plane. Honestly, not a huge desire to have one again soon, but I do see a LOT of fun bottles/cans to collect here.

This is ‘deli’ section at the store across the road where I pick up the basics like apples and last night, milk for Kaatje. Looks like various feet, sliced tongue, etc. Neither of the girls wanted to try any, not sure why 😉

In various parts of the city there are little stores that face the road selling various live fish. Here you can see some shrimp and fish in the first picture and eels in the second. All alive.



There is a lot of green areas. I had the impression when you hear about the terrible air the city would be void of green space but there really is a lot of trees. Mind you, not a lot of just open areas. This was taken on the road Kaelyn had a casting at.

Down the road (by the SML Center) Kaelyn and I found a larger fresh market. Up front was all kinds of fruits and vegetables, at the back, more fish like you see below. For Kaelyn it was hard to watch as we rounded the corner to see a lady with a handful of live eels dropping them into pot of boiling water. About 10 seconds later she opened the lid to stir the pot only for us to see their tails still moving.

Came across this hard worker yesterday waiting for Kaelyn to finish a casting. He’s pulling like 50 chairs there!

One thing in China is the resourcefulness you see all around – here you can see, and almost every building you see drying racks outside for clothes (even those buildings at 30 stories). The yard across the alley here everyone hangs their clothes, and hang them out to dry for all to see.

And to finish, I came across a cute school bus I think Maria would love to ride. You don’t see school buses because everyone either walks, ride bikes are takes public transportation.

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