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Everyone’s Favourite!

Everyone’s Favourite!

By on Mar 16, 2015 in Baby Maria, California | 0 comments

Everyone, including us, was surprised when Maria joined our family. However, in the short time she has been with us, she has captured all our hearts. No one is suppose to have favourites but it is common knowledge she is everyone’s favourite.  Everyone’s camera is full of Maria pictures.


Maria- ” You’re in a hurry dad?  I choose to today for my yogurt facial.  You will have to wait and bath me :)”


Maria- “Thanks for the bath dad…I love you!”



Maria’s first step.  Look at Hailey’s excitement and pride.  You would think it was her taking her first step.




Maria- ” Was I not suppose to take this off the shelf? I thought I got everything I wanted!”


Maria- “Okay guys…I know I am cute but enough photos already!”




Maria- ” AWW!!!  I said STOP TAKING PHOTOS.”



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