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Exciting Times

Exciting Times

By on Jun 26, 2017 in General | 5 comments

We are finally in the home stretch. Less than 3 weeks to go. Can’t wait to be home! This is a very exciting time for Kaatje because all of the magazine photo shoots she had when we first arrived, are all due out this week. Here is the first of many.


  1. Kaat you look stunning! They sure took a lot of pictures of her. You definitely got the best dresses. Loved the picture of Maria on the boat. I think that papa is missing you guys as much as me! You had me worried when you never posted forever, and kaatje wasn’t on instagram for three days. Mark told me you had bad migraines for a few days. Are you all better now? It was so nice to actually get to talk to you guys. Counting the days till you get home. Love you!

  2. Michelle tell kaatje to post the close up picture with her in the blue outfit on instagram. That’s my favourite. They gave her just the right amount of makeup to make her look natural. I mean the picture of her face.

    • You think she listens to me 🙂 That is sweet. She says she will. We will see!

  3. Kaatje looks more like herself in these photos. Hope you are feeling better Michelle. I am sure Kaatje has met some new friends

    • She has. Many friends and many memories…but we are both looking forward to being home soon!

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