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Experiencing Singapore with a Local

Experiencing Singapore with a Local

By on Jul 5, 2017 in General | 1 comment

Today we had a real treat.  Our AirBnB host took us to experience her favourite restaurants and parts of Singapore.  We had a sampling of Turkish food on Arab Street and explored some markets.

Then we headed to Chinatown for a Chinese Delicacy- pork necks. 

Then we ended the tour in Little India.  

It was amazing to see these places we never would have found on our own and to get to sample the amazing cuisine.  She certainly gave us lots of ideas about places to come back and explore for our last two weeks- we won’t be bored!

    1 Comment

  1. Well you certainly got to see the sights. Was the food good? It’s hard to tell from the pictures. Has kaatje got anymore shoots or fashion shows? Mark said because you aren’t there to much longer, a lot of the castings are for after your gone. You’ll be home soon.

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