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Grand Pre

Grand Pre

By on Sep 30, 2014 in Baby Maria, Cierra, Dad, Hailey, Kaatje, Kaelyn, Mom, Samantha (aka Hula Hoop), Tammy, Travel |

From the website:

Grand-Pré National Historic Site of Canada commemorates Grand-Pré area as a centre of Acadian settlement from 1682 to 1755 and the Deportation of the Acadians, which began in 1755 and continued until 1762.

Similar to the Citadel, we did the Explorer program.  This program was geared at the little girls and it asked them several questions that required them to explore the site and find the answer.  For example: Find the big tree.  How many friends does it take to complete a hug for the big tree.?  It was a wonderful day.  Daddy loved the educational movie theatre, they made it look like the inside of ship hull.  Complete with sound effects of waves crashing.  It was amazing and their were five video screen that wrapped all around you.

Grand Pre TreeGrand Pre Stained Glass