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Today was quite the day! After waking up around 7:30 we had breakfast (dumplings filled with pork) and got ready for my 9:30 am casting. 

Despite it still being quite early in the morning it was still insanely hot. We caught our bus and arrived a little early, but by the time we found the right building we were right on time.

Now all of the work I have ever done, including Gucci and Reset, have been pretty high-fashion, and this was my first time casting for a campaign… It didn’t go to well.

The casting director asked me to jump, kick my feet out in the air, while winking at the camera, smiling, and holding a cup of yogurt. I can’t even wink.  Nana has been teasing me about that for years.  Let alone wink while jumping, kicking my feet out, smiling and keeping the yogurt on the spoon.  She tried to give me some advise but quickly realized I was hopeless at this. I think I might just stick with high fashion… 

Anyways after that we grabbed some fruit and came home so I could change out of my usual casting dress and into shorts and a t-shirt, because that’s how I was asked to dress for this casting. We barely had time for a quick peanut sandwich before we were back on the bus on my way to my second casting.

This casting went much better then the first, owing to the fact that for one, a met a really nice girl who lives in Colorado, and it was lots of fun talking and getting to know her while we waited to be interviewed.

When my turn came I showed them my portfolio and comp cards, and then walked on set for them to take a few practice shots to see how my movement was in front of the camera. 

I don’t want my hopes up to high because there were a lot of pretty girls there but the casting directors assistant had to remind him that they had other girls to interview.

When that was done we came home, already feeling exhausted from the heat, even though it wasn’t even 2 pm. 

When we arrived home we noticed that the door was locked, we knocked a few times but no one answered. We tried the key hidden in the shoe but it wouldn’t work! Ten minutes later we were still locked outside our room with no way in!

Mom got to work though calling Ginny, the owner, who called Umi, the maid, who had to come home to let us in…using the hidden key! Apparently you had to push the door open before turning the key… we spent more then an hour waiting outside in the heat…

When that was sorted out we headed back down to the mall to remove my gel nail polish because for my shoot for Prestige Magazine tomorrow they said no nail polish.

We tried many different stores but none of them could remove gel so we ended up going to a nail salon to get it removed.

After that we came home and had dinner, and went for a relaxing swim by the pool. Ending our day by reading and relaxing.

So although it was a long day, it was still a good one!

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  1. Sounds like quite a day. Your horoscope for tomorrow says your going to have a great day and good things will happen to you. Love you.

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