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By on Jun 4, 2017 in General | 2 comments

First let me start by saying I am sorry.  I know we have been lacking in the blog posts.  However, in our defense, unless you want to see photo after photo of the mass transit system here in Singapore, there really isn’t much to report.

Kaatje is staying very busy.  This week she has two photoshoots for magazines and two fashion shows and some additional castings.  Which will take up almost her entire week- which is good.  It makes for a very tired Kaatje though… but as I tell her…we came here to work 🙂

We did get a bit of down time this weekend.  We enjoyed some lunch at McDonald’s to honour Kaatje’s hard work.  I think she would have just been happy with the sundae though.  Of course, she was not very happy when the sundae was gone 🙂


Later that evening, we headed to the Gardens by The Bay.

They were having a big celebration for their 5 anniversary.  The metal trees in the Garden are about 16 stories tall.  With five years worth of plant growth, they are currently covered about 1/2 the way up. I am sure it will be very impressive once they are completely covered.  They had a huge light and fire show, coupled with acrobats, and dancers.  The gardens are also quite impressive.



  1. Beautiful pictures. Glad to hear she is keeping busy. How did the shoot go with the dress with the long train? How did the sephora interview go? Knock em dead kaatje! Miss you guys. Did you read that karlie k article?

    • I did read the Karlie Kloss article. How she bought the house she use to babysit in 🙂 It was good. Clearly not accurate though, since everyone has said Kaatje can go to Milan and Paris and everywhere as soon as she is 16. Everything is going good for Kaatje. She is really busy which is good. Looking forward to being back home though. Tomorrow marks the 1/3 mark in our trip. We will be home before we know it 🙂

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