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By on May 20, 2017 in General | 2 comments

Posted by Kaatje

So yesterday, when we arrived in Singapore after a long, 16 hour flight, we checked into our room, which is very nice, and then got into a cab and headed downtown to mannequin studios.

We met a man named Ben who told us all about the team, took my measurements, got a video of my catwalk, and helped set up our cell phone plan.

He said to expect 5 – 6 castings a day, which seems a bit overwhelming, but doable. He also asked mom whether or not she was comfortable with me flying to China for a day by myself in case I got a direct booking there. Needless to say mom was caught a bit off guard but said that if I was with other models yes but not if I was alone.

After the meeting was over we walked home (only took about twenty minutes but let me tell you, we were drenched in heat by the time we were back because it is brutality hot here). We went to the supermarket which was located in the mall from us across the street and got dinner, which ended up being a variety of things, including French bread, watermelon and Sushi.

We came back, had dinner and both feel asleep at around 5 pm. Jet leg is really doing a number on us.

After waking up several times in the night we got up a little after 7 am and the maid, Umi, made us breakfast, which turned out to be a soup with noodles and balls of raw fish… mom and I ate as much as we could and politely informed Umi, no fish.

Umi shared that her entire family (husband and 3 children) lives in Indonesia and she only gets to see them every two years… mom could barley hold herself together.

Afterwards mom did inventory and we had a lazy morning morning, before heading down stairs to the beautiful pool. This pool is so futuristic, and was very refreshing.  When we were done we relaxed in the sun but had to get up for fear of falling asleep.

We then came back upstairs, got dressed, got some dinner, and are now watching Harry Potter.

I am looking forward to my upcoming castings for two different magazines and preparing myself, to experience public transport.


  1. the food may make you two lose a lot of weight. Good luck kaatje. China really? Love you guys.

    • Well I am ready for the weight loss…bring it on 🙂 If the food doesn’t do it, the sweltering heat and the insane amount of walking will.

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