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Sauble Falls, Adventure no. 1

Sauble Falls, Adventure no. 1

By on Sep 7, 2015 in Bruce Peninsula, General, Travel | 0 comments

It’s one of those moments, where you know you’ll regret it if don’t do it, but who, in their right mind would ever even consider jumping from here? The endless reasons why it could go wrong, you could not jump far enough out and scrape the rocks on the way down, the water could not be deep enough…

Then you close your eyes and feel your feet leave the slippery wet rock beneath you… you jump, because sometimes you just have to just jump.

Then everything slows down, and everything’s a blur, and it feels like you’re in the air for hours and then your body plunges into the water and the waves lap around you in cold icy sheets.

Then you come up for air, there’s the triumph, then the excitement, as you laugh out of fear, because you just did it!

That’s how it feels after you jumped in to the cold pool of the rocks at Sauble Falls, a fifteen-foot drop into what could be anything!

Then you race up to the top, which one be the next one to jump?

We got to explore and take on the falls, climb a high tree, and enjoy a warm dinner of thick, creamy pasta coated in goat cheese, chopped tomatoes, green peppers, and onions, with some garlic bread.

An exciting day results in a tired sleep…


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