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Tokyo Day 10 – Apple & Meiji Jingu Shrine

Tokyo Day 10 – Apple & Meiji Jingu Shrine

By on Feb 10, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan (2018) | 0 comments

As mentioned yesterday, my laptop fell and it was top priority to see what we could do with it. We took the subway to the next station, Omoto-Sando. It’s a typical Apple store, big with lots of glass – and busy. We arrived at 11:15am and immediately greeted and asked to stand in line to speak to a Genius Bar rep. After a couple of minutes, they took my information and scheduled an appointment for 12pm with one of their techs. We left and walked around for a bit (found a Taco Bell 🙂 and came back at 12pm. There was a lot of people there so it took another 10 minutes to see an actual tech. He pulled up all my previous purchases based on my email and found my laptop. He connected it via a network cable and ran some Apple software to check the whole system. It discovered (which I knew too) that the battery was at 70% capacity. At the same time they could fix the battery if I liked. They confirmed it was repairable and would take 1-2 weeks at a cost of ¥115000 (~$1300). Seems hefty but a new laptop would be $4000+tax. So I left my laptop to be fixed. While I was working with the tech, Kaelyn thought it was a great idea to change all the devices to play Reputation by Taylor Swift.

We headed down the road and passed a WONDERFULLY smelling bakery and we had to stop inside. The girls got 2 cookies and I could pass up a Wagyu beef sandwich (yes yes, it was ¥800, $9). And what would complete such a treat, CoCo!!!! And now I’m tying my regular hot vs cold. Yummy.

After filling up our energy reserves, we headed to the Meiji Jingu Shrine. It was fairly busy (expected for a Saturday) and a wonderful site. The most interesting part was the entrance ritual hand washing and the prayer tree. The prayer tree works by buying a wooden prayer block and writing your prayer and hanging it on the tree. You can see some of the prayers in the pictures below.

When we finished, we took a walk down Takeshita Street. If you watch Fuller House, you will recognize the cat cafe is here. It was PACKED. There must have been 20 crêpe snack shops – we can’t wait to get home and have Hailey replicate these given her amazing crêpe skills.

Being a Saturday, we wanted to make it a pizza and movie night but honestly, can’t find a reasonably priced pizza place nearby. I miss Bakers Pizza in Shanghai really – a regular Hawaiian Pizza is $40 here. So we opted to try our first fast food – Burger King ($21). 2 whoppers, 2 drink, 2 fries, 10 chicken nugget and 2 deserts.

We came back to the apartment and watched Jurassic Park with Tammy.


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