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Tokyo Day 15 – Grocery Day

Tokyo Day 15 – Grocery Day

By on Feb 15, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan (2018) | 0 comments

I was reading about places to get more ‘western’ type food (specifically oatmeal which is a cheap and filling meal – yes I’m trying to be UBER price aware). There is a place 1 stop away that I Tammy and I went to today. Prices were certainly high (ie. $22 for the peanut butter there that is what, $5 at home). We did find the oatmeal in a 10lbs box, for $22. It should last us at least month. The soup is $3.40 per can. Canadian french fries (but we have no oven 🙁 ) Kaelyn was SUPER excited to see the red cabbage (her fav) and loo, NASI!!! OMG can’t wait to make a new kind of rice!

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