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Tokyo Day 14 – Valentine’s Day

Tokyo Day 14 – Valentine’s Day

By on Feb 14, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan (2018) | 0 comments

Day 14, Feb 14 – Valentine’s day with Michelle. Very sad… but we did get a chance to talk a lot and although we didn’t get to be physically together, it lasted 14hrs longer than normal because we chatted on our Feb 14 start all the way to Chatham’s Feb 14 end.

I’ve read about a quick place to get good and cheaper price wise food called Musashi. Kaelyn wasn’t keen on the idea so I decided to take Tammy and scope it out. It’s a very small place to eat but very quick. They do take out or eat in. You use an automated machine to place your order and pay. You then sit down and hand your ticket to the waiter who in 2 minutes brings your meal. They have free green tea which Tammy loved. Total cost was ¥550 ($6.10). The food was very good and filling. We will bring Kaelyn back, she will like it.

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