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Tokyo Day 25 – Genki Sushi in Shibuya

Tokyo Day 25 – Genki Sushi in Shibuya

By on Feb 25, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan (2018) | 0 comments

Time to introduce Tammy to conveyor belt sushi. Plus, we really haven’t had much sushi since we’ve been here. We headed out to Shibuya and unlike the conveyor belt sushi in Shangai which is literally a conveyor belt that you take the plate you want, this one they custom make the food based on the order you make on the tablet. We had a 45min limit and surprisingly, we took 40min.

The food was great and the girls really enjoyed it.Another great treat was that they served Melon Coke, which is what we tried at the Coke store in Downtown Disney in Florida as their world tour and it tasted exactly like they said it would in Japan.

Each order came out on a coloured plate with each plate having it’s own price, starting at $1.20 then going up. Most orders had 2 pieces per plate. Watch the video below. Kaelyn was NOT a fan of the tuna one. Tammy and Kaelyn loved the cucumber ones. I loved the beef with a little dab of horseradish.

It was a great experience that we will try one more time before we leave. Total cost was $32 and we had roughly 18 plates plus our drink.

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