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Tokyo Day 27 – Earthquake

Tokyo Day 27 – Earthquake

By on Feb 27, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan (2018) | 2 comments

On Saturday night (I guess Sunday morning) I woke to what I thought was an earthquake. The bed was shaking for 30 seconds or so. But I wrote it off in my head that I was dreaming, in a state of partial sleepiness and ignored it.

HOWEVER, today I woke at my normal early hour (so I can action any items before end of day back in EST timezone) and was working for a few hours when around 8am the house started shaking. This was for sure happening. It seemed to last a few minutes but likely it was more like 20-30 seconds in reality. There was no damage anywhere I could see.

The interesting thing was that it wasn’t until late night that day that I found out any information on it. I guess it’s common here and people just go with it.

Saturday’s earthquake:

Today’s earthquake:


  1. I think that would be scary considering your in Japan. The food that kaelyn posted looked pretty good. Hope your having a good time over there. Miss you guys!

    • It was pretty surprising indeed to experience it. I spoke to one of the people here and they hadn’t even noticed. I guess it’s common for them.

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